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“Restore the Earth to its former glory of fertility”

Because the tremendous constraints on Earth’s environment by previous generations, it has become difficult to grow plants on Earth.

The Scientists of the different worlds came up with a plan and decided to implement the ancient technique of “Seedballs” to help Mother Nature. The Seedball protects the seeds from animals and harsh surroundings and it provides the seeds with nutrition to grow and become a sprout.

Our ICON-1 Scientists are currently studying the collected data from Earth to come up with the perfect recipes for Seedballs for all the different geological locations with different conditions for the seeds to grow. They have asked our help to test the first prototype of Seedball on ICON-1. For this, they have developed different containers in which we can nurture the Seedballs to Sprouts. The Sprouts will grow into Harvest, which will help us prepare our Champions for their future missions into space to bring the special Seedballs to Earth and who knows where else…

Ofcourse you will be rewarded for your hard work with our token ICONI, which you will be able to spend on ICON-1.


Of course you will be rewarded for your hard work with our token ICONI, which you will be able to spend in the game.

Our Scientist will be recruiting new pupils in the near future to help with their research.


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Wants to know more about project?

Project Seed Ball is a Play to Earn blockchain game on WAX developed by The Iconical. Project Seed Ball is a virtual world of Seed ball harvesting where users will earn rewards ICONI tokens. 


200 champions were selected from different worlds to nurture seed balls to harvest.
Be one of the champions by obtaining a container and indulging in the most crucial activity to save the galaxy and maintain peace!

Coming soon...
Champions program rules and benefits

Project Seed Ball Logo 348
Project Seed Ball Logo 348

Our mission

Our mission is to be creative in our approach towards helping Mother Nature. We want to spread knowledge about Seedball. And by doing so, we wish to create a new generation of nature enthusiasts. It is no secret that the younger generations love digital technology, and we would like to engage them with our game and community tasks. But other than that, we also care about youth education through enjoyable means like gaming.

But you get more than just awareness through our Seedball game! Yes, you will receive tangible rewards like digital assets, crypto tokens, course certificates, community support, many more. Lastly, we wish to give back to nature through our efforts. Our endeavors will help reduce the carbon emissions into the atmosphere, an essential step in mitigating global warming and other environmental hazards.

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