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Game story – Project Seed Ball
In the future, as humanity perfected space travel, the voyage to other worlds seemed inevitable. Of course, space travel was also propelled by exponentially rising populations and rapid environmental degradation brought on by technological revolutions! And so, corporations came to power that commercialized space flights, with many offering colonization opportunities on distant planets. These worlds were not fertile, their soils barren and incapable of organic growth. Although technological advancements allowed humans to render planets habitable, their dependency on mother earth persisted!

Colonies of enclosed spaces and transparent domes dominated planets where humanity did what it did best: pursue knowledge and prosper. And thus, these groups settled in. Division of labor and research allowed them to make strides in technological advancements. On these barren worlds, humanity flourished, building impressive architecture and advancing healthcare and scientific knowledge. But nourishment still came from Earth for the most part. The humans living on these worlds could not survive without mining the Earth for its resources!

And so, teams were allocated on all worlds. They would board spaceships and travel to the Earth to procure food supplies and ingredients. However, there were many problems with this. By the time humanity scattered across the galaxy, they had put tremendous constraints on Earth’s environment. Government and legal bodies had all but vanished near the end as private corporations became ever so powerful. As a result, there was no authority to enforce rules and regulations to protect the environment. Supervision of pollution was almost negligible. Rivers and lakes no longer contained crystal-clear waters that reflected the skies. There were droughts and air pollution, common and rampant. The Earth’s fertility had tremendously declined!

Merely 10% of the Earth’s soil could produce crops…
And so, things became tense! As humans prospered on their worlds, they procreated and expanded their numbers. But thanks to their advanced technologies, they managed to get by for a few generations. They mined the planet’s scarce fertile land for years. But at long last, things started to grow tense to the point of causing war. As they progressed in their own worlds, humans became more divided than ever, their enmities growing more robust as they competed for the limited food source. Naturally, with technological advancement came lethal weaponry and machines!
Yes, all the planets were equipped with hitherto imagined weapons of war and destruction. Segregation, competition, and rivalry had poured hatred into human hearts for themselves. This hatred was heightened by the lack of communication between the worlds. But it grew fiercer as time went by. Finally, war became inevitable when the Earth’s food supplies were insufficient for everyone. Skirmishes between groups visiting Earth became commonplace. The fights would result in deaths on all sides. Given the situation, all the worlds prepared for warfare to gain supremacy over Earth’s resources.

And so ensued humanity’s first war in space. Armies of spaceships with blasters and bombs flew to the battle zone as each army tried breaking into other worlds. Naturally, troops remained behind to act as defenses as contingencies against infiltrations. The technological advancement meant that death and destruction were at a massive scale! Space’s cold and indifferent canvas painted with blood and worlds went up in fires.
The destruction was beyond terrible; lives were lost in massive numbers every day.
In the end, there were no winners, only martyrs, and casualties. Humanity came to its senses, realizing that war engineered death and nothing else. Humans grieved on all the worlds for their losses. Loved ones and families, friends, everyone lost someone precious. In their grieving hearts, they resolved to never have this mayhem descend upon them again. Humanity realized that peace and harmony were the only safeguards, the only paths to a peaceful and prosperous existence.

And so, the walls came down as worlds communicated with each other, putting their hatreds aside for a better future. After many meetings and peace talks, it was decided that there was only one solution to bring about harmony: restore the Earth to its former glory of fertility!
And so, humans living in different worlds came together to create “Project Seed Ball.”


200 champions were selected from different worlds to nurture seed balls to harvest.
Be one of the champions by obtaining a container and indulging in the most crucial activity to save the galaxy and maintain peace!

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Champions program rules and benefits

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